Membership Options

Good Reason to join to toy library

You can choose from different membership options to suit your needs and availability:

Duty Membership

$40 per year, with a volunteer duty slot helping at the Toy Library every 6-8 weeks. You receive a toy credit of $3 per hour added to your account. Standard hire rates apply.

Non-Duty Membership

$65 per year. No volunteer duties required. Standard hire rates apply.

Committee Membership

$15 per year. Our committee meets monthly (third Monday night of each month). Our committee members take on particular tasks to help run the Toy Library. This includes helping to organise and run fundraising events. Standard hire rates apply.

Trial Membership

$32.50 for six months of non-duty membership. Standard hire rates apply.

Casual Membership

$15 per year for five visits. Suitable for grandparents in school holidays etc. Standard hire rates apply.