Term and Condition

 Borrowing Toys

All toys remain the property of the Western Hills Toy Library

Please do not exchange library toys with friends even if they are toy library members

You may borrow toys for two weeks.

Rental fee per fortnight

Most toys are around $1 – $2, with the bigger and newer toys around $5. Some of our large toys can be hired for a double rental period (4 weeks) check with the Librarian regarding which toys can be hired for four weeks.

Renewals and Reservations

Renewals are permitted provided the toy is not reserved by another member. Please see the Librarian to enquire about reserving toys or go you can do it online. 

Care and Cleanliness of Toys

Care of toys you borrow is your responsibility. Please return them clean and tidy, in the condition you would like to receive them!

If you have more than one child, be careful of younger children playing with toys not meant for them and vice versa. Some toys have weight restrictions and minimum ages.

A fine of $5 will be charged if a toy is brought back dirty.

Checking Toys

When checking toys out of the library it is your responsibility to check that all of the pieces are there, and note the condition of the pieces otherwise you may be fined for a piece that you didn’t lose or damage.

If you notice any missing pieces when you get home, please email westernhillstoylibrary@gmail.com within 2 days.

When you bring toys back, the toys will be checked for cleanliness and missing/broken parts.


We do not supply batteries with toys, mainly due to corrosion issues when batteries are left in toys for too long.

Overdue Toys

Toys should be returned by their due date. The library allows a grace period of two opening sessions – for example, if toys are due on the Saturday, they may be returned the following Friday without incurring penalty fines.

Fines then increase weekly at the toy’s rental price for each week overdue.


Loss and/or Damage to Toys

Toys break even in normal play. Don’t be embarrassed if this happens to you. Please notify us of missing or broken parts when you return the toys.

Where there is loss and/or damage and the toy is still deemed hireable:

Where a toy is returned to the library with missing pieces a fee of $4 per missing piece will be charged to your account immediately. If the missing piece(s) are subsequently returned to the library the $4 fee per piece will be refunded.

Where a toy is returned to the library with a broken piece(s) a fee of $4 per broken piece will be charged to your account immediately.

Where there is loss and/or damage and the toy is deemed un-hireable:

Toys can be deemed un-hireable due to:

Incompleteness (for example a jigsaw with a lost piece or the clothes line without the clothes); or

Loss of original function which significantly affects the ability to use the toy (for example a toy that has electronics that make sound and these have been damaged and no longer work); or extreme damage which is beyond what would be reasonably expected.

If a member returns a toy that is temporarily un-hireable due to a piece (or pieces) not returned, the member has the option of rehiring the toy for another fortnight, thereby giving you the opportunity to find/replace the missing pieces, or you will be charged a lost fee of $4 per session until the piece(s) are returned and the toy is able to be hired again.

Paying for repairs or replacing toys

When a toy is deemed un-hireable, the Committee will consider whether the member needs to pay for repairs (if repairable); or fund or partially fund the cost of replacing the toy. 

In making this decision the Committee will take the following factors into account:

The original cost of the toy;

The age of the toy (it is reasonable to expect a certain amount of wear and tear over time);

The circumstances in which the damage occurred; and

Whether the member took all reasonable care of the toy