Frequently Asked Questions

Good Reason to join to toy library

We are a non-profit organisation run by a voluntary committee, with support from our members and their families. We are always in need of new committee members. From each new committee member, we gain new ideas and a fresh look into what can be improved. The library also employs a paid librarian, Kimberley Lewis.

If you lose a piece and you are not able to find the piece, you will be charged a replacement fee generally $3.00. If a missing piece causes the toy to be incomplete, you are welcome to buy the toy (and we hope you find the piece at home), or pay to replace it.

You will be charged the replacement cost. Every toy has a different cost.

You can hire as many toys as you like! Our toys are hired for a two week period. You can renew a toy if it is popular – this will cost the same amount as the initial hire.

Yes! Your children are welcome to stay and play when you come to check out toys.